What is Radio.js?

Radio.js is a small dependency-free publish/subscribe javascript library. Use it to implement the observer pattern in your code to help decouple your application architecture for greater maintainability.

Radio.js Features

  • Dependency-Free
    Radio.js requires no external javascript libraries. Just include a single file and use it in any existing project.
  • Chainable Methods
    Radio.js methods are chainable and written with object oriented notation in mind. Create multiple topics, add or remove subscribers all in just one line of code. See the docs for more information.
  • Set Callback Scope
    Set scope by setting what the value of this when your callback is invoked. This is helpful if you are namespacing objects in your projects.
  • Lightweight
    Radio.js is less than 1kb.

License Information

Radio.js is released under the MIT license. It's free to use for your personal and commercial projects. For support, suggestions and contributions, please see github.

Download Radio.js